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The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)
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The New Retirement Reality: IRI to Sponsor “National Retirement Planning Week®” in April

Boston College, ACLI, ASR to Lend Support Raising Awareness
About the Critical Importance of Retirement Planning

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) today announced that it will once again sponsor National Retirement Planning Week® this April during Financial Literacy Month. Taking place from April 12-15, IRI’s planned outreach throughout the week
will raise public awareness of the need to comprehensively plan for retirement. The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) and Americans for a Secure Retirement (ASR) are supporting this week as well.
“A crisis in retirement readiness exists today, as Americans – still reeling from the effects of the recession – dramatically underestimate the income needed to support their envisioned retirement lifestyles,” said IRI CEO and President Cathy Weatherford. “The retirement readiness crisis is due to shattered investor confidence, diminished savings, longer life spans and the declining role of Social Security and pensions. IRI hopes to help jumpstart the retirement planning process by highlighting areas of key consideration during this week, while providing tips and tools that can help streamline the process. IRI will then continue to advance the dialogue in the weeks and months ahead, offering resources to both consumers and financial professionals alike, in order to help them stay focused on long-term financial goals.”
A founding member of Americans for a Secure Retirement, IRI has enlisted the support of coalition members to help foster a greater understanding of the myriad of challenges – and opportunities – that can arise when planning for retirement. Boston College, ACLI and ASR are among those joining forces to spotlight the week-long outreach effort to both consumer and financial professional audiences.
Educational materials will be made available in conjunction with the daily themes, and IRI will be increasing overall awareness through a 60-second nationally distributed radio spot, as well as op-eds in community newspapers nationwide and an online presence. 
National Retirement Planning Week Themes:
  • Monday, April 12 – The New Retirement Reality
  • Tuesday, April 13 – Top 10 Tips for Saving
  • Wednesday, April 14 – Maximizing your Social Security benefits
  • Thursday, April 15 – Retirement Savings Mechanisms with Tax Preferred Status
About the Insured Retirement Institute: The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) is a not-for-profit organization and is the authoritative source of all things pertaining to annuities, insured retirement strategies and retirement planning. IRI exists to vigorously promote consumer confidence in the value and viability of insured retirement strategies, bringing together the interests of the industry, financial advisors and consumers under one umbrella. IRI’s mission is to: encourage industry adherence to highest ethical principles; promote better understanding of the insured retirement value proposition; develop and promote best practice standards to improve value delivery; and to advocate before public policy makers on critical issues affecting insured retirement strategies. Visit to experience the new, vast resources of the new Insured Retirement Institute for yourself.

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