NourConnect_Logo_228x100Want to get to know more people who have heard, internalized, and are applying Relationship Economics ideas to grow, personally and professionally? Well here is an opportunity to do just that – easily, effortlessly, and impactfuly! When you register with the NourConnect, you will receive an email on the first of each month containing the contact info of another randomly selected member of the Nour community.

Sometime during that month, you and the other member should contact each other to meet up for a cup of coffee, a meal, or just Skype to discuss possible synergies. In the monthly email, you’ll receive a topic to discuss that will more than likely spark mutual interests, opportunities, deals, or otherwise, ways to improve your condition because of these valuable connections.

It’s that simple! Click HERE to join NourConnect and get a spark going…

By the way, The Nour Group Rendezvous, our monthly newsletter is coming out next week. If you’re not a subscriber, you may want to do so HERE.

Have fun and go build a new, productive business relationship!


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