I’m blessed to meet some amazing people throughout the year at various keynote speeches and below are just some of their recent comments which I thought may be of interest to you. Only changes in your (or your team’s) behavior will create the lasting impact you’re after in the manner in which you identify, build, and nurture quantifiable business relationships.

Here is to your success in 2007, David

David –
I just wanted to share that I always find your presentations to be
inspiring and enlightening. It is so refreshing to walk away from a
presentation feeling energized and inspired to make changes in my life.

Thank you for sharing your message.

Julie Brown
Group and Convention Marketing
Walt Disney World Resort

—–Original Message—–
David, thank you for the presentation. This is important information to
remember going into 2007 about the value of relationships. I can always
do better in letting people know how much they are valued & appreciated.
Have a safe & healthy New Year and wishing you the best year ever!

Deleise A. Lindsay, Vice President – F&H Solutions Group

—–Original Message—–

Hello David,Thank you so much for following through with this request from your
presentation to Ford & Harrison. It was quite interesting and I have already
adopted some of your suggestions with success.
Have a great new year!

Marion F. Walker
Senior Counsel
Ford Harrison LLP

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