John Chambers’ (Cisco) Expectations of Leaders

John recently provided advice and expectations for Cisco leaders that go beyond their own functions, meeting goals and building quality teams:

  • Think about where we are going and understand the organizational structure and business model for Cisco. Master it and take it to others.
  • Take one market opportunity at a time and talk to your team about it.
  • Listen.
  • Work and lead cross-functionally, seamlessly, and get results as a team.
  • Work using collaboration and Web 2.0 tools.
  • Get comfortable with the organization you work for changing with every meeting; this will constantly evolve.
  • Vision, Strategy, and Execution (VSE) should prescribe everything you do. Always start with a VSE and remind your teams where they are going. Use the cross functional common vocabulary to describe what you want to accomplish.
  • Think in four dimensions (time is the fourth) constantly, weighing the impact of your decisions and play out a virtual chess game in your head. Do it dynamically from one meeting to the next or simultaneously in more than one meeting.
  • Part of the reward for doing a good job is you will move somewhere else. Establishing a comfort level with this is key to moving fast.
  • Have fun.
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