I was elated to receive this email – LinkedIn has finally realized that they have the promise and the potential to become a social networking platform, and not simply a “hand-shake” website!

But it didn’t take long to start receiving less than stellar news from each of the apps I tried, which made me ask: do these guys really understand what it takes to succeed in the application arena?

  1. It has to work! Don’t put half-baked stuff up there!
  2. Web 2.0 is about self-service – what’s next when it doesn’t work?
  3. I’m assuming you get the 1-9-90 phenomenon, so what are you doing to engage big advocates like me to test this stuff before your mass release?
  4. Do you have the support infrastructure to support it?
  5. You’ll get one chance to create an exceptional experience and unfortunately, today wasn’t it!

I know there are really bright, hard working developers at LinkedIn and each of the respective partner companies, and I commend all of them for extending their reach.

What do you think about LinkedIn Applications?

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