Why This Book?

LinkedIn and other business-to-business social networking technologies are changing the basic tenets of business relationships. In just a few short years, LinkedIn has been able to capture an enormous amount of mindshare among business professionals in a variety of industries in their online networking and relationship building efforts.

Whether used for business development, identifying a particular expertise, or conducting due diligence on a particular company, these applications will help you find the right people and ask the right questions.

There are already 50 million professionals in the LinkedIn network and that number is growing fast. Whether you seek a job, a hire, a reference, a sales lead, an expert, or an inside connection at one of 50,000 companies, LinkedIn is an irreplaceable resource for building your professional relationships and achieving your goals.

What Others Are Saying About The LinkedIn Best Practices Webinars

(the Booklet/DVD take this material even further)

“I’ve been using LinkedIn for about a year, and I learned more in a couple of hours with you than I have in 12 months on my own.”

Dr. Paul G. Schempp

Performance Matters, Inc.

“Thank you for providing a solid content-filled presentation. I heard a lot about LinkedIn; however, was never sure of its value. Your presentation clarified its merit for me.”

James Dawson, Managing Partner – ADI Performance

LinkedIn Best Practices Booklet Table of Contents


1. LinkedIn – THE Professional Social Networking Platform

2. Getting Started: Home Page, Inbox & Updates

3. Account & Settings

4. Start With You: Developing a Content-Rich Profile

5. Contacts: Inviting Your Most Trusted Relationships

6. Extend Your Reach: Groups

7. Extend The Possibilities: Applications

8. Knowledge and Talent Management

9. LinkedIn Public Information

10. LinkedIn Next?


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