I recently received the following message via LinkedIn® and it reminded me of the three fundamental types of relationship builders:

  1. Givers – those who give openly;
  2. Takers – those who you only hear from when they want / need something;
  3. Investors – those who understand that relationships are an investment of time, effort & resources!

My company has been laying off due to the economic downturn in the industry and I was a part of this third round of lay-offs. I am open to any new opportunities that will allow me to grow and expand and would love to hear from you if you know of anything that may be sales related and a great opportunity. Please visit my Linked In profile and references are available upon request. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

In a turbulent economy or otherwise, those who invest in the favor economy are the ones who will always get a head! Which one are you? If I asked three people who know you, which one would they say you are?

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