at batStrategic Network Analysis, in its simplest term, is the process of mapping and measuring relationships and flow among people, groups, organizations, and other information/knowledge-processing entities. Strategic Relationship are often a result of this analysis and strategic relationship development takes time, effort, and investments. The value of these relationships may not show up in this or next quarter’s pipeline, but if cultivated correctly, they will create a significant long-term return. To make long-term relationships successful, you need an organization with unique skill sets, capabilities, and relationship building styles. Building a strategic relationship plan can drive unparalleled efficiencies in how you share information, transfer critical knowledge, and make long-term, mutually beneficial decisions. Tempering the corporate enthusiasm of short-term revenue results with long-term prosperity will be a challenge and one that you, as the relationship quarterback and the internal advocate of the customer, must master.

Another application of Strategic Netowrk Analysis for revenue growth is when a new product is being launched or the company is attempting to enter a new market.

Uncertainties of customer preferences, creativity, and accelerated market access can be overcome if you can identify key centers of influence.

With the product launch example, consider who the highly connected individuals are who will try new products; then blog about them, and create notoriety at an accelerated pace, driving market pull in the process. There is intentional reason Apple invites key person to each new product launch announcement. Within hours, whatever Steve Jobs and his team announce spreads throughout the Web and thus the market like wildfire.

Similarly, when entering a new market, if you can identify the most valuable connectors in a social network, it will accelerate your ability to create awareness and intrigue—think of this as your best opportunity for more ‘‘at bats.’’

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