I traveled to the West Coast to speak and for a series of meetings last week. In the years past, I would’ve gotten right back on a flight and headed back home for efficiency sake. As a mentor has driven into me over the last couple of years, none of us have a “personal life,” and a “professional life;” we have ONE life!

IMG_1384So I decided to stick around for the weekend and take in the scenery. Anytime I go to Southern CA is a great opportunity to ride motorcycles with friends – old & new. Last Saturday, in a very serendipitous manner, I was able to partake in Walt Fulton’s Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshop, one of the few around the country that focus on improving your street riding skills (vs. simple exercises in a parking lot, or pure speed around a race track). It was held at the renowned Willow Springs International Raceway in Lancaster, CA. Walt was kind enough to meet me and we rode through Angele’s Crest – a beautiful scene.

Big SurOn Sunday, I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway through the majestic Big Sur to Monterey and participated in the Reg Pridmore CLASS at another legendary track, Laguna Seca. It was an amazing journey, one that I wouldn’t have done in the past.

Bottom line: you have to MAKE time to soak life in. With our crazy busy, texting, countless meetings, P&Ls, presentations, conference calls, and all that we “have to do,” you need things you “like to do,” or enjoy doing to refill your cup. Healthy relationships start with a healthy self, a well-rounded self, and one that can engage others about who you are and not just what you do for a living.

A64F5504As the same mentor has often reminded me, we work to live and money is the fuel for life! Make it a great week.

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