Bruce Kasanoff is a former CEO of mine and one of the most astute people I know when it comes to the fundamental gap between what smart customers need and what stupid companies do every.

Well, he has co-authored a book by this title and I hope you’ll not only pick one up, but read key sections to really understand how many executives are running the next Kodak! They simply don’t know it and have become too complacent to change their vision, behavior, culture, and road map to the abyss!

Here is what a couple of other respected authors are saying about the book as well:

“Technology-enabled customers are getting smarter every day, while companies mired in the same old ways of doing business just come off as stupider and stupider. Do not let that happen to you. Instead, follow Hinshaw and Kasanoff’s prescription to ride the waves of today’s perfect storm of disruptive innovations.” – B. Joseph Pine II, co-author,
THE EXPERIENCE ECONOMY and INFINITE POSSIBILITY: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier

“This is a real page-turner! Hinshaw and Kasanoff provide a quick and thrilling tour of the immediate future of business. So read it and heed it, folks, because it just doesn’t come any more direct or compelling than this!”
– Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., authors of EXTREME TRUST: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage

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