Nice review of my book by these folks.

by David Nour. Roughly six million entrepreneurs begin a new business every year. Less than 2 percent of those new ventures attract investors, and those 2 percent are this book’s target market. Author Nour has witnessed numerous investment deals, and his guide reflects both his observations and those of investor colleagues. The book seeks to help entrepreneurs look at their business through the eyes of an investor; failing to do so not only costs money, but worse, it costs time and attention. Investor quotes–some insightful, some not–populate every chapter. Where Steven Rogers’ Entrepreneurial Finance: Finance and Business Strategies for the Serious Entrepreneur (2nd ed., CH, Jul’09, 46-6298) dedicates five chapters to valuation, Nour spends less than one chapter on the topic. Nour instead stresses financial intermediaries, professionals dedicated to helping firms attract capital. He also devotes a chapter to advice from entrepreneurs, advice they wish they had been given when they were seeking capital. This book’s real strength is an appendix full of helpful resources, useful not only to the 2 percent of entrepreneurs attracting capital but to many other entrepreneurs as well. –Choice (Check Catalog)

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