You learn early in a sale career that “Every No is one step closer to a Yes!” I saw a recent Gapingvoid image that said, “No simply means, begin at one level higher!” No tells us something about ourselves. No tells us what went wrong. No tells us what to do next. No closes the wrong doors. So we can open the right ones.

NopeBut “No” is also intellectually lazy. Think about it. Anyone can say “No!” It’s easy for people to say “No, Can’t, Won’t, etc.” It’s the path of least resistance, a cop out, and insufficient will and perseverance to get something done. We’ve come to expect “NO” from bureaucratic government offices, the HR, Purchasing, Legal or IT departments.

But when it comes to your most valuable asset – your portfolio of relationships – they tend to thrive when you get creative. They get a lot more fun when you get scrappy and do more with less. When you barter for products or services you need and want. When you’re open to new possibilities. When you go out of your way to help others, regardless of the misalignment between the value you may add with the compensation or reward you may receive.

Creative Thinking + Consistent Execution + Analytical Rigor = Success Formula in identifying, building, nurturing meaningful business relationships.

If you’ve gotten so accustomed to saying “No” that it has become an automatic response, for the next week, I want you to really work hard at saying “Yes!” Just try it. It can’t hurt, it might help, and it’s a definite crowd pleaser! You may actually surprise yourself with the new relationships, new opportunities, and new adventures that may come your way!

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