Wikipedia defines Trends as “observations of unique patterns impacting a future course;” we define them as everyday occurrences which will dramatically impact the future growth opportunities of you personally, your team, your organization, and your industry IF you’re savvy enough not to simply notice them, read about them, or discuss them, BUT internalize, apply, and institutionalize an alternative set of behaviors and course of action because of them.

We’ve researched 12 unique ideas that we believe will dramatically impact you in 2012 and beyond in the strategic relationships you have, to the ones you will need. From your use of social media today, to becoming a more socially-enabled market leader tomorrow. We’ll begin the series with the first few – want more? Attend these and tell us how you’re thinking differently about your business and we’ll keep them coming. Complimentary to you; priceless for the evolution of your organization!

Hope you’ll join us to increase the return on your strategic relationships,

David Nour, CEO & author – Relationship Economics and Return on Impact

The Nour Group, Inc.

DYI Health – Evolution of Healthcare from Wholesale to Retail

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific)

The Healthcare industry is going through a fundamental evolution: not simply with the quality of care but also one in its business and revenue models. Innovation in social and mobile technologies is helping consumers of healthcare products and services be more in control than ever before. Consumers keen on preventing, examining, improving, monitoring and managing their health are using these innovations to reduce potentially intrusive and embarrassing trips to the doctor, or for those who do need medical attention and supervision. A more convenient and accessible way for their doctor to keep a remote eye on any troublesome conditions or changes is also fueling this innovation.

So how do healthcare organizations, including insurers who have traditionally reached these consumers through their employers do about the recently retired, stay at home moms, or entrepreneurs without the traditional “wholesale” market connection? Join us on Wednesday, August 8 at 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific) to learn how you must evolve your business and revenue models in the face of constantly changing market demands.

Complimentary Webinar

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