Identifying and building relationships alone will never suffice. You must also become savvy in nurturing those relationships through proactive engagements and Relationship Currency deposits.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through conversation. Influence the conversation, and you will influence the relationship. Influence the relationship, and you will influence the outcome you desire. So the logical question then becomes – How do you influence the conversation? Ask more engaging questions!

Here is a list of 10 questions to ask as you travel throughout your organization’s hallways, factory floors, distribution centers, and cafeteria. Two words of caution here: 1) If you don’t mean it, don’t ask, and 2) Illustrate that others’ opinions matter by asking these questions consistently as part of your routine:

  1. What part of your job involves entirely too many actions?
  2. What part of what you do involves entirely too many people?
  3. What was asked of you today that was a complete waste of time?
  4. What task was made entirely too complicated?
  5. What did you see wasted?
  6. What part of our business costs too much?
  7. What was misunderstood today?
  8. What caused complaints today?
  9. What took far too long?
  10. What made you mad today?

Get your employees engaged – truly engaged – and they will do far more than just collect a paycheck!

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