Both my young kids play on traveling soccer teams. If you have young kids or have been around them for say the last 50 years, you know that fashion rules! So as both my kids see other kids wear flashy soccer shoes, they naturally want some! I finally pulled both of them aside and I explained that in soccer, as in life, you want the quality of your skills on the field to speak far greater volume than the neon green and purple stripes of your shoes! As a matter of fact, part of playing smart soccer is the element of surprise: runs, set plays, passes, shots on goal, etc. With bright shoes like that, you stick out like a flashing light for others to see vs. slipping in and out of their sight.

Then I thought about any of our typical days. How many people do you speak with, meet with, or otherwise interact with who have more “sizzle,” than they do “steak!” They care more about how they look than the quality of their work, the reliability of the commitments they make, or the deliverability of the promises they flaunt? How many people do you experience who promise the “relationship” world, and deliver very little of it. They worry more about impressing others with flash than they do substance. They promise warm introductions and referrals; they deliver none. They promise quality work as part of a team; they let everyone down in the process. They deliver C-level work, when they’re capable of A-caliber results.

Are you one of these people? Do you know one you call a friend. Today may just be the perfect day to start thinking differently about your relationships. The impact you’re looking for will come from changing, enhancing, elevating, amplifying, or even eliminating certain behaviors. Whether they’re your own or someone you care about – have that candid introspection or discussion today about the gap between who they pretend to be and who they really are! After all, they’ll be able to fool some people some of the times, but seldom all the people all the time!

Make it a great week.

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