IMPACT Webinar Series: Socially-Enable Your Execution
Friday, April 6
With Guest: Les McKeown, President & CEO
Predictable Success

Learn more about how to consistently launch new ideas through a predictable process, and what you need to do to take your organization to that next stage of its growth!

  • What does it take to grow a successful organization?
  • Ten supporting execution pillars / universal truths
  • High adoption and organizational anticipation; digital relationship maturity
  • Eight steps to getting to the future state; KIOLs as social tour guides
  • Social collaboration as organizational culture change

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Pearson Relationship Economics Telecourse Series
Monday, April 9
Session Two: The Relationship Currency Roadmap®

Every relationship develops along a continuum of five unique stages: from initiating to garnering the second interaction, nurturing, sustaining and capitalizing. Join us for a telecourse focused on how to prioritize and focus your relationship development efforts, along a systematic, disciplined process of exchanging value and connecting the dots between the relationships you already have – your existing Relationship Bank™ and the relationships you need – your Pivotal Contacts™ to accelerate your ability to drive performance, execution and results.


Automated Logic National MeetingRelationship Economics Keynote
Tuesday-Thursday, April 12-14
Chicago, IL


Pearson Relationship Economics Telecourse Series
Monday, April 16
Session Three: Beyond Initiating to 2nd Interactions

You’ve earned or otherwise have been granted the initial introductory meeting. Now what? What has to happen for you to create that relational gravity or pull toward a subsequent interaction? We believe it’s a matter of mindset, toolset and roadmap. Join us for a telecourse focused on how to lead with Strategic Relationships FIRST, develop and nurture your Relationship Ecosystem, and consistently and creatively implement relationship nurturing best practices.


CommVault Worldwide Sales Kickoff Meeting Keynote
Tuesday, April 19
Orlando, FL


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