Typically between Thanksgiving and the 1st week in January, most People (buyers, clients) mentally check out, or generally are not interested in any new discussions, initiatives, campaigns, etc. So, as a professional services provider, unless you’re trying to wrap up existing opportunities, here are some ideas for productivity:

1. Update your marketing – start with your stale website, archive the old press releases, newsletters, blogs, etc. Enhance your online press kit with new reference letters, updated PDF downloads, engage in article marketing best practices, and for the love of GOD, please get some new professional headshots!

2. Update your writing – finish that book proposal that’s been in your head for the past six months, the white papers you’ve been meaning to write or the articles for your article marketing strategy. BTW – find someway to keep investing in yourself with a new training course, new coaching or mentoring. Raise the bar on your intellectual horsepower, command of the English language or your sense of personal and professional etiquette.

3. Update your contacts – not via some half-baked automated and often annoying email system that makes me do the work, but rather personal phone calls to touch base, send highly personalized holiday greetings, and express your appreciation of their friendship and business from the heart!

4. Update your portfolio of relationships – given the festive nature of the holidays, what better time to reconnect, reengage, remember, and reward key members in your most valuable asset – your portfolio of relationships. This is also a great time to deprioritize those you’ve invested in who candidly don’t get that reciprocity is a built-in law of relationships! Amazing how many people keep calling me to support their job search efforts, whom I haven’t heard from in 3 years!

5. Update your quality of life – spend quality, uninterrupted time with your loved ones, reconnect with old friends, meet friends often for a “mint mocha half decaf not so hot with a twist,” turn off the Blackberry and the iPhone and listen to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas. Instead of buying a Christmas tree this year, go out with the kids and cut one, go see The Nutcracker, or throw a cookie party!

Bonus – Plan to get “scrappy” in January. Given the current economic conditions, most people will get heads down and butt up a lot faster (I’m thinking January 2nd vs. say after the MLK holiday in years past). Use this slow time to really plan your goals, key strategies to obtain them, objectives to executing each strategy and the tactics you’ll take on a daily basis (GSOT).

What are you doing during the holiday slowdown?

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