Online Social MediaLast week we discussed three Qualities of Content Curators. We continue now in Part II of our three part series, the following are 3 more qualities that you should look for in your Content Curators:

Content Curators Nurture Digital Dialogues

Social media is not a personal billboard. If you focus on educating first and marketing/selling second, you’ll create marketing gravity and pull through demand. Digital conversations are just that—an exchange of ideas, perspectives, and points of view. Can you imagine walking through a museum and having the curator consistently tell you the price and the delivery time frame of every piece you passed? There may be beautiful paintings and sculptures there, but most people would leave in about five minutes! The same thing happens online. You may not always agree with a particular point of view, but a dose of dissent is actually intellectually stimulating.

Content Curators Are Citizen Editors

Content Curators comb through a vast sea of content, taking it upon themselves to collect and share the best and most relevant content online for others to consume. Content Curators publish highly valuable content created by both your team and other thought leaders in the market. They need to be methodical and bring utility and order to your social market leadership efforts.

Content Curators Are Learning Teams

The social media landscape simply changes too fast for any one individual to try to keep up with it all. Content Curators will bring unique experiences to this role, but they also need to be constantly learning, attending multiple webinars each week, attending social media conferences, reading position papers, and quickly able to discern social media experts who are contenders versus the sea of pretenders—it suddenly seems that every unemployed businessperson now is a LinkedIn expert!

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