Online MarketingYesterday we discussed Qualities of Content Curators Part II. Today as we conclude our three part series, we will see 4 more qualities that you should look for in your Content Curators:

Content Curators Track and Analyze

They have hunches for what works, but they verify, validate, or void their critical assumptions with key campaign tests. Instead of posting the same message on 100 sites, they create four compelling, yet unique, dialogue tracks and test them on various sites. Each dialogue has a unique call to action, which allows us to analyze what message resonated with various stakeholders we’re trying to engage. During our monthly calls, we review both the previous month’s campaigns and key action items on the road map ahead. In short, as content curators, they understand and track our progress along a continuum of digital relationships.

Content Curators Are Steadfast but Agile

The previously mentioned tracking and analytics provide timely insights as to the required changes in course correction. Content curators are not large oil tankers requiring cost-benefit analysis to make changes in tactical execution; rather, they are speedboats able to turn on a dime. Content Curators succinctly understand our overarching strategy and are steadfast in following our compass, yet agile enough to know what’s not working and when the same effort would yield little or no results. On the contrary, even too much of a good thing is still too much!

Content Curators Go Beyond ‘‘Not Invented Here.’’

They extend their reach to ‘‘invented everywhere.’’ The fundamental of content curators is their understanding and ability to participate in an open dialogue regarding insightful information. Although they understand and protect our intellectual capital and property, they also understand that the currency of the realm in digital relationships is the free exchange of great ideas. As such, they reach out for permission to quote other sources, and they freely give others permission to use our content with appropriate credit. This effort enhances our research and development (R&D) and helps raise the bar in constantly manufacturing, not just republishing, compelling content.

Content Curators Drive Results

There are two types of social media resources: those who are cost centers and those who are revenue producers. Early conversations with your content curators need to address the results you care about. This will help them create marketing gravity, which translates into revenue results.

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