QuestionSomeone I respect recently pushed me to think beyond what time it is to how much time I have left on this earth. And, more important, in the time that I have left, the person pushed me to think about how many people’s lives I can affect. How many will be better off because they met me or heard one of my speeches, read one of my books or articles, or watched one of my videos? When I’m gone, will they say, ‘‘He was a great guy to know and befriend’’ or ‘‘He just networked a lot’’?

If you want to connect more effectively and authentically with people, become an object of interest that others seek out!

How are you doing that today? How are your efforts working for you? How do you know? Getting the answers to these questions involves that we tackle strategic relationship planning as a solid approach to really understand where you should focus your relationship development skills, knowledge, and resources.

To learn more, read the revised and updated Relationship Economics paperback edition with 40 percent new content, including an all-new chapter 10 on social media and business relationships (Wiley, Feb. 2011).

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