Customer CommunityIf everything is becoming digital, how will digital matter? The buyers don’t really care if the expert interaction is on the Web; they just want to get what they need, when they need it. A lot of organizations still segment their online and offline marketing, creating an artificial barrier to developing a seamless and consistent client experience. Social media is changing buyer behavior to be more agile and fluid, and growth strategies must adjust the model to support the reflected changes.

So, you need to reorient your traditional growth strategies to reflect the new post-digital, relationship-oriented, and influencer driven social interactions. You must start by thinking of your clients in a more holistic five-phase life cycle:

  1. Where are they most likely to hear about you, and how can you educate the market with a unique value-added proposition?
  2. How can you give buyers an opportunity to self-select/opt in as intrigued by your perspective?
  3. By helping them along a buying cycle, how can they engage you as a prospect when you’ve influenced their thinking?
  4. When they become clients, how can you empower them to share their experiences?
  5. How can you help them educate the market on your behalf—independently and candidly?

How do you build, nurture, and capitalize on your relationships? Take our Free Relationship Signature Index assessment which will identify you in one of four quadrants with a high level profile and a set of recommendations.

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