Best PracticesWant to use Enterprise Social Alignment to stay ahead of your competition? The following Top 10 Social Market Leadership tactics will help you stay ahead of the curve!

1. Develop a profile of your target buyer. Research them on LinkedIn, and create a profile of what they find of interest/value.

2. Don’t think of your interactions as a single event; instead think of them as a campaign with a focused social media effort to create awareness for the client organization.

3. In advance of each interaction, research top industry trade publications; for corporate clients, identify internal and external communication channels, such as newsletters, SharePoint sites, intranets, and private social networks.

4. Submit focused and relevant content (articles, videos, blog posts) often, driving awareness and traffic to your personal or corporate brand.

5. Leverage social networks, blogs, and your broader influence footprint to create dialogue—ask questions, post comments, and stir the pot to provide a contrarian perspective; always include links for them to learn more.

6. At every interaction, cut your input (methodology, features/benefits, etc.) in half and find a way to interact with and engage the audience in a dialogue; get them engaged with compelling online and offline questions.

7. Before you wrap up any interactions, invite them to a community you’ve developed exclusively for clients to continue the conversation.

8. After an interaction, share insights and your unique perspective with a broad audience.

9. Look for partnership opportunities to extend your reach—both within and external to your organization.

10. Get and give digital references/recommendations, focused on the mutual positive experience.

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