As highlighted by Larry Bossidy in his book Execution, when people, processes, and tools converge with a mindset to execute, you realize Return on Impact. Those who can consistently deliver performance, execution, and results – despite macro- or microeconomic conditions, setbacks, roadblocks, and challenges – develop a reputation and quantifiable return on any investment made for their ability to perform. An organization’s ability to candidly assess, proactively manage, and develop its high performing and high potential talent with a great sense of agility is a fundamental contributor to this Return on Impact.

High-potential individuals must be systematically measured on current performance and development paths for both breadth and depth of competencies and capabilities, as well as their true potential for not only becoming a leader but also their progress along this continuum (how they react to the good, the bad, and the ugly during this journey). So how do you proactively identify and systematically nurture the breadth and depth of relationship development knowledge, behavior, and skills in an up-and-comer?

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