AccelerateOne of the best practitioners of business relationships I know is Randy Seidl, senior vice president of Americas for HP’s Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (ESSN) unit. We met several years ago. Although I was engaged to deliver the closing keynote by his counterpart, who led the channel program at a prior employer, Randy was an invaluable interview in my due diligence process of the sales culture he expects. In him, I saw a passion for revenue growth and sales execution. I saw a disciplined process to attract, develop, and retain the very best sales talent; and when expectations were not met, he was decisive in making the necessary changes.

Seven Keys to Accelerate Growth

We stayed in touch over the years, and when Randy joined HP, he quickly put in place a sales transformation game plan. Like any good leader, he brought his experience and value-based internal and external relationships to set the vision for a relationship-centric culture focused on sales execution. He promoted Kevin Purcell, a seasoned sales manger, to help drive the field efforts. Specific to revenue growth, Kevin and Randy’s leadership team has built great relationships across this complex organization to deliver on Randy’s expectations:

  • Accelerate growth and exceed financial plan.
  • Accelerate talent development; recruit the best.
  • Accelerate showing up everywhere.
  • Accelerate best partnering.
  • Accelerate sales culture transformation.
  • Accelerate efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Accelerate leadership best practices.

Raising the Bar on Strategic Relationship Development Efforts

Randy and his leadership team have done well upgrading and improving the field sales force. They are constantly raising the bar on their strategic relationship development efforts. ‘‘We improved customer face time,’’ commented Kevin. ‘‘Randy’s leadership team improved the sales culture also with open confrontation, open communication, and open feedback with decisive execution. The team improved team account planning with the right people in the right roles prioritizing the right focus areas. The team reduced internal meetings during the week to focus externally on revenue-generating activities and sales calls.’’

‘‘The best relationships—with the customer, the CIO, the partners, and internal to HP—are winning combinations,’’ added Randy. ‘‘It’s a work in progress, but I’m proud of the ESSN Americas team; our future continues to be bright as we focus on taking market share everywhere.’’

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