Relationship Economics®

Relationship Economics® is the missing ingredient to solving many common business challenges. The lack of strategic relationships is the root cause of chronic business issues.

When executing Relationship Economics®, visionary organizations achieve unprecedented growth through a unique return on their strategic relationships.

  • Unprecedented Growth For:

    • ✓ Revenue
    • ✓ New Customers
    • ✓ Market Share
  • Unique Return On:

    • ✓ Quantifiable Customer Relationships
  • Increased Strategic Relationships With:

    • ✓ Customers
    • ✓ Partners
    • ✓ Employees

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Most companies systematically undervalue business relationships.

This is seen in the way individuals are treated, how teams work together and through the culture of the organization.

  • Individuals

    • Have employees received formal instruction on relationships or are they untrained?
    • Is building relationships considered a business skill or a “life skill”?
    • Is the effort expended managing relationships rewarded or devalued?
  • Teams

    • Do teams discuss relationships using a common language or is there variation in the communication, leading to misunderstanding?
    • How do teams review and improve strategic relationships: with a planned process or on an ad hoc basis?
    • Are teams accountable or unaccountable for their strategic relationships?
  • Organizations

    • What metrics are in place to manage relationships; or is this key ingredient to success left unmonitored?
    • Are relationships a leading indicator or a lagging indicator?
    • Who is responsible for the organizations relationships; everyone or “someone else”?
Understand the Value

Relationship Economics Rapid Growth Process

  • Mapping

    Plan a strategy to achieve your goals more quickly by knowing what you need and who in your network can best provide it.

  • Relating

    Engage with others often, and be authentic, credible, and genuinely interested in learning about them.

  • Nurturing

    Build a positive reputation over time by looking for opportunities to help others, acting on the ones that are the most valuable for both of you, and consistently exceeding others’ expectations.

  • Sustaining

    Actively help relationships grow by staying in touch and finding opportunities to interact with your valuable contacts.

  • Requesting

    Whenever you ask for help, frame your requests so that it’s as easy as possible for others to say yes.

  • Capitalizing

    Encourage key long-term relationships to grow in ways that benefit both of you.

Relationship Economics® Rapid Growth Program

Relationship Economics offers individuals a reliable, repeatable process to select and build relationships. It provides a clear methodology to quantify the benefits that those relationships bring to the organization.




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