If your family is anything like mine, we’re glue to the #Olympic games. We don’t know the rules in handball and the kids have never seen water polo on TV, but it’s an incredibly exciting time to learn, grow, and root for USA, even if we’re yelling at the TV or our iPads!

Here is something I’ve noticed: all the endorsements leading up to the event, where you went to school, where you grew up, or all the collective “hype” doesn’t matter – in essence the input! Are they all important factors (particularly the focus, discipline, and the training), sure but it won’t win medals. Only performance does; and not just any kind of performance. Performance at the exact right time and place! Setting a new Olympic Record in the semifinals swim race or 100 meters track heat but placing 4th in the finals is peak performance at the wrong time and place! Leading the entire field 48 hours ago as a team, but finishing 5th is peak performance at the wrong time and place!

Strategic relationships work the same way. You can be brilliant, very good at what you do, and bring an enormous amount of value, but if you can’t bring both the art and science of relationships together at the right time, none of that “performance” will matter. Here are three tips that may help you this week peak at the right time:

1. Create relationship pressure tests for yourself: There are no new objections; the only new ones are the ones you haven’t prepared for. Make a list of top objections to your ideas / point of view, and practice appropriate responses.

2. Diversify your portfolio of relationships: If you keep hanging out with the same crowd that’s as far as you’ll get. Constantly evaluate if you’re growing, personally and professionally, with the group you’re associating with. If yes, continue. If not, look to expand, amplify, or enhance your network.

3. Add exponential value to every interaction: Leave them wanting more and those whom matter will seek you out. They don’t want to or need to know everything you know; just what they need to know to enhance their positions.

Bonus: get in the business of following through, not just following up! Follow-through is a process, i.e. “Did you get the documents I sent, were they useful, how will you apply them, how can I help you bridge understanding with implementation, let me also introduce you to these other relationships who have successfully implemented the ideas you’re pondering;” follow up is a transaction, i.e. “Did you get the documents I sent? Great. Bye!”

Very similar to the Olympics, when it comes to strategic relationships, there is only one final race. True champions are able to perform at their absolute best in high pressure situations, those that often undermine their competitors. In business and in life, edging your competitors is seldom just about a superior knowledge or talent; rather superior mental conditioning and the heart to go that extra mile, within legal and ethical guardrails, to capitalize your relationships and WIN/WIN not just “we win!”

Make it a great week,

Several upcoming events; hope you’ll join us and #NeverStopGrowing!

Upcoming Events:
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Developing a Robust Social Strategy With Guest: Rusty Shelton of Shelton Interactive

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