Relationship Economics® and the "Rapid Growth Program"

Relationship Economics®

Relationship Economics® offers individuals a reliable, repeatable process to select and build relationships. And it provides a clear methodology to quantify the benefits that those relationships bring to the organization. Click the button below to learn more.

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Intentional Investments

Relationship Economics® calls for intentional investments in carefully-chosen relationships which will produce a significant return on investment

Strategic Relationships are thoughtfully selected and are highly Relevant to the selector’s specific Goals.

Business relationships are not a stand-alone asset; they are enhancers or enablers of a desired outcome. From a Relationship Economics perspective, the value of a Strategic Relationship lies in the person’s ability to accelerate the attainment of a Goal. With the right relationships, it’s possible to reach Goals more quickly, and often with a smaller direct investment of resources (time, effort, capital – human and financial).

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Creating a Common Language with Relationship Economics®

Organizational change requires everyone speaking the same language, discussing new ideas the same way. With Relationship Economics ®, we provide that basis for building relationships. Here’s one example of how think about your relationships.

Those we call 5PMs are people you normally work with and they would gladly answer your call at 5 on their way out the door. Then, people you start to invest in would be your 7PMs; these are cooperative relationships. Then your portfolio builds and these people  – 9PMs – would step outside a restaurant or pull over on the side of the road to take your call. Finally, we have the 2AMs. You can wake them from a deep sleep and they are people you depend on, and they on you.

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    Plan a strategy to achieve your goals more quickly by knowing what you need and who in your network can best provide it.

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    Engage with others often, and be authentic, credible, and genuinely interested in learning about them.

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    Build a positive reputation over time by looking for opportunities to help others, acting on the ones that are the most valuable for both of you, and consistently exceeding others’ expectations.

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    Actively help relationships grow by staying in touch and finding opportunities to interact with your valuable contacts.

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    Whenever you ask for help, frame your requests so that it’s as easy as possible for others to say yes.

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    Encourage key long-term relationships to grow in ways that benefit both of you.

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Enterprise Level Rapid Growth Program

A tailored program can be developed for your organization’s specific needs. The program will contain elements to begin building momentum, diagnose how your organization is doing, consult with senior leaders and develop a Relationship-Centric mindset.

  • Build Momentum

    • Webinars — A single or series of interactive learning sessions led by David Nour, which can be deployed across your team or organization.
    • Workshops — Targeted programs for leaders, managers and high performers to teach them how to develop their skills as Relationship Investors.
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  • Assess the Organization

    • Relationship Investor Diagnostics— Evaluate how the organizational ecosystem (people, process, and culture) impacts the team’s ability to become Star-level Relationship Investors.
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  • Start to Shift the Culture

    • Executive Roundtables — An intense session led by David Nour which onboards senior leaders to the world of Relationship Economics and prepares them to create a culture that supports Relationship Investors.
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  • Create a Common Language

    • Relationship Economics Video Training Program — A series of three-minute videos featuring David Nour takes learners through the process of developing a Relationship-Centric mindset. Accompanying activities and toolsets deepen the learning and may be customized to your organization.
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