I’m amazed to received 2-3 of these a day! No idea who she is, have not (obviously) heard from her in years, and take one guess as to why she’s reaching out?!?

Dear David:

If I may re-introduce myself, my name is Jane Doe. We met many years ago during my tenure at XYZ Company. I am actively seeking an international opportunity with a dynamic organization that understands the value of adding a bold, senior business development executive to the team. Your assistance is requested to help to reach out to prospective employers as well as persons of influence that may also be able to provide assistance. A detailed CV is attached for your consideration to include two references interviewed by a third party. It may only be shared with a prospective employer with my consent.

To bring you up to speed, here’s a snapshot of recent events. Briefly, I left my role as the first Global Business Development Director for ABC Company Europe based in London reporting to the Global Chairman of 123 Business Unit early last year in order to return to the States to get married. Unfortunately, the marriage ended quickly for a variety of reasons. In order to extract myself from a personal disaster, a former XYZ colleague recommended me to one of his old business colleagues who just happened to be in need of a senior business development leader in Washington, D.C. Thus, the perfect temporary solution was found since I needed to establish my residency in Virginia in order to facilitate a divorce. The good news is that the personal issues are now officially closed. I am wide open for the next best opportunity.

My goal now is to return to a leading organization in a senior sales and marketing capacity. The great news is that all of my resources from 123 Company, 456 Firm, 789 Entity and other firms as well as some of the world’s best lawyers remain strong. Being an awesome business development leader, I’m very excited to return to a great organization in a great city.

Any help that you could provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

What part of this drama, a) interests me, and b) incents me to help her? Notice nothing in the email about “how are you, how is your business, or with all these amazing relationships I have, how can I help you?”

She has developed ZERO Relationship Currency and yet, she has her hand out looking for help! Someone please buy her a copy of Relationship Economics and force her to read it!

I’m not advocating for you to keep score. But my question remains: are you a relationship giver, taker, or an investor? And is your response congruent with your actions?

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