RENetworks – our intelligent, private, enterprise social network is growing faster than ever.  It has become a community of great ideas, great conversations, and great insights.  Below are some new features of the 8.5 version.

Hope you’ll join us and take advantage of our renewed focus to help our clients derive unprecedented growth through unique return on their strategic relationships.



To learn more about how to become a member, click on the logo below:


Here is the list of exciting new features that will be available in this release:

  • Session State – We now save a cookie to your browser so when you navigate away from the site, you will not be required to sign in again. If you quit the web browser or click the Sign Out button, the cookie is no longer valid and the site will require you to log in again.

  • Comments on introCard – This allows you to post a short, public-facing comment on another user’s introCard. Users are able to turn this feature off via the User Settings dialog and delete any messages that appear on his/her card.


  • Activities on introCard – This  shows the community member’s recent activities on the new Activities tab. It allows you to click through to show all forum posts and resources that that person has created.


  • introCard scrolling – The new arrows on introCard allow you to scroll through all previously opened introCards.

  • Share Links to Content – This allows you to copy a URL link to the clipboard and share the links with others in the community. You are able to share links to the following content:

    • Search parameters and results

    • Resource items

    • Forum topics


Below are some fixes that we address and have included in this 8.5 release:

  • Text

    • Correctly handle encoding for URL links with parameters.  [#2638]

    • Illegal Characters are removed when saving user profiles. [#2629]

    • Remove the extra bullet above a bulleted list. [#2538]

    • MS Office quotes are retained when pasted into our text editor. [#2539]

  • Group

    • Display confirmation dialog after inviting users to group is done. [#2539]

  • Forum

    • Allow user to click OK only once when creating a Forum topic so it prevents users from creating multiple topic entries. [#2609]

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