Planning your Speaking Engagement with David Nour

Speaking to Success

There’s one lead in that all my bookings understand: I’m here to create a mindset in your company that bleeds success, for you, for your employees, for your customers.

With over 68 keynotes per year, I’ve learned to deliver based on the company’s needs and am usually asked to return for another go at the stage at their next event.

Speaking is only one way we create shift and change, here at Nour Group. But it’s one of the most fulfilling ways we encourage and teach people to grow.

Below you’ll find all the topics that I bring to life for your company.

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Speaking Topics:



Change the way you do business when you blend Blend situational awareness with intuition and rapid responsiveness. In other words, wow them with your mind and your gut. Learn how a decade of consulting with high-performance individuals and teams gives you a massive advantage over your competition when you master the way these high-performers think, how they analyze and execute quickly and efficiently.

The ways I help companies grow from the stage isn’t limited to only these topics, if you have an idea that doesn’t necessarily fit into this list, let me kno


Relationship Economics®

The how and why of Strategic Relationship Planning that allows you and your employees, your teams, and your investors to form relationships that are deeply rooted in growth. Learn who is beneficial to you and you can be of service to. Learn where to find these people. Learn how to connect past an exchange of business cards.



Return on Impact

This topic stretches into the mind of the organization and challenges its old school approach. Master the Age of Connectedness teaches companies to listen louder, think faster, and respond to changing market dynamics, helping them reinvent, adapt, and relate in new and powerful ways.

Uncover how social media is putting power in the hands of members and consumers. And how you can get the most return on your social impact.

Adaptive Innovation

Grasp how to create a relationship-centric culture that allows you to create a sustainable competitive advantage over others in your industry.

Learn how to fail faster and forward and create a greater market value for you and your organization.

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Develop superior partnerships. Learn why emotional awareness, personal authenticity, humor, and servant leadership are keys to influencing. Uncover how awareness and performance factors into forming successful and powerful connections. Learn what effective teams and leaders know about honesty. Discover the impact of emotions in decision-making, and how to create your own luck.



Elevate yourself above the market noise with these 8 #NewNorm strategies to

get their attention, influence their thinking, and issue a call to action (even when an estimated 75 percent of your target market doesn’t believe your advertising and marketing).

Dive into perfecting your influence. Dive into owning your industry.


Enterprise Evangelism

Create brand evangelists. Every time. Learn to go beyond the status quo to make your company stand out in the minds and hearts of your customers, investors, and teams. Discover techniques to standing out. Master the details and finer points of meeting people and making them feel important. Master exceptional relationship experiences and you’ll own them every time.


Sharing Economy

Give your business the leading edge that Airbnb, Lending Club, and City CarShare have in common. Disruptive innovation in peer-to-peer business models are powered by real-time insights, highly personalized sharing, global distribution, and reuse of excess capacity in goods and services. Learn to add in trust and transparency for a powerful combination that customer feel.