Reputation Capital at work, compliments of Phil Cannon, a 40+ year Xerox sales executive in the Los Angeles area:


  1. Always return every single call —ALWAYS —regardless of consequences!…BE ACCESSIBLE.
  2. Exceed expectations of callbacks—BEAT THE FORECAST.
  3. Keep everyone posted on all matters all the time—everyone on same page.
  4. Be an honest broker—STANDUP GUY….make deals, keep deals …keep inside info down-low.
  5. Build alliances within organizations versus seek breakage and conflict….compliment co-workers and peers….LEADERS ARE POSITIVE..
  6. Admit lack of knowledge immediately and seek resources: knowing the answers not nearly as important as finding the answers promptly; FOLLOW-UP EVERY SINGLE TIME, even if it is to say no progress yet, but working.
  7. Check after delivering answers to see if it worked as predicted….NEVER GET SURPRISED BY FINDING OUT YOU WERE WRONG….you will be often if you take risks….be your own best DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.
  8. Call people spontaneously to say Hi or invite to lunch for no reason….have them know you like them as people….stop by to just say Hi.
  9. When not talking business, let them know WHO YOU ARE….people like people that are open, positive, have interests, vulnerable, funny, mostly honest.
  10. BE AUTHENTIC; people remember and connect conflicting information, discrepancies in facts, contradictions….you do not have to remember your lies if you tell the truth and are true to yourself and others…we have no reasons to hide anything if we like ourselves and like what we do…
  11. Always try to listen more than talk; listen for values, principles, personal preferences, dreams, fears, hopes, vision—-not just requirements. Get to the person, not just the position…..what does he/she need to accomplish/ achieve? BECOME A STAKEHOLDER.
  12. Ask questions….if it seems too personal, preface your concern to get approval and permission before going there conversationally ….go there earlier than later.
  13. Create situations where your follow-up is necessary in order to create more interaction plus examples of timely responsiveness….build a box for yourself.
  14. Have outcomes match expectations in most things or announce variance in advance….
  15. The conversation is more important than the pitch…try to connect them….tell stories, refer to other similar situations, bring meaning to the exchange….
    1. Sell as if it is your best friend;
    2. Sell as if you will see them years from now and you do not want to hide or apologize… want people to be happy to see you years later, not think you a pariah for cheating them financially or selling selfishly…SERVICE THE SALE.
  17. Give them BIG PICTURE OF YOUR EMPLOYER AND MARKET….provide with inside scoops of company and leaders…..showcase Mulcahy’s humble human approach every chance you get—she is one of a kind….ICONIC.
  18. Admit mistakes; BE ACCOUNTABLE….they know we are human, forget trying to be perfect….NEVER HAPPENS.
  19. Seek to CONNECT PEOPLE: referrals, introductions, lunch with 2 clients with something in common; create synergies among clients/ customers to add value..
  20. Do what you say you are going to do—-earlier than later….give instant gratification to stakeholders if no negative consequence to you.
  21. Get your partner to DO SOMETHING—create reciprocation and project ownership ….REQUIRE action…it cements partnership.
  22. Counting comp $$ before a deal gives you a bias which risks you perhaps not to fulfill the requirement by overkill hog ; if you do not count $$$ but fulfill the need, you make ka-ching and keep your INTEGRITY so you do serial deals over time….SMART SELFISH…..
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