Saw this sign boarding a plane yesterday and couldn’t help but to think about how truly dysfunctional some of our regulations are.

1. Do we really need to be reminded that jet fuel is bad for us?
2. What’s the alternative – drive from coast to coast, or maybe we can go back to horse drawn carriages?
3. I wonder how much time, money, and effort it took to pass this proposition?
4. How many people are writing down that URL to check it out later?
5. Who’s benefit is this sign anyway?  The consumer who has little to no option at this point (at the end of the jet bridge boarding a plane), the state, the airline, the sign manufacturing company?

Power doesn’t’ corrupt; powerlessness corrupts!  Look around your office and ask – are your efforts adding value or wasting time.  One is vibration, the other – forward motion!  Don’t confuse the two!


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