Complimentary Webinar: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 | 3 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific) With Guest: Bruce Kasanoff, CEO, Now Possible – on Twitter @nowpossible

It is not a sustainable strategy to act dumber than the customers you wish to serve.

At the same time, everything and everyone has become or is becoming interconnected. Customers have smartphones loaded with apps that let them check prices, compare service agreements, read reviews, and check in with friends (and strangers) even as they examine your offers and products, and those of your competitors. Consumers and businesses alike research, connect, and purchase online and over their phones without a second thought.

With these tools come radically higher customer expectations. Higher expectations of experience. Greater demands for personalization and customization. Lower tolerance for mistakes, for running through inane hoops, or for interactions that require mindless repetition (“What is your account number …?”). In short, the world has changed dramatically, but many companies have not. Forget about innovation, they’re not even sure how to keep up. This is the challenge that your company needs to confront.

Join us on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 3 PM Eastern (Noon Pacific) with guest, Bruce Kasanoff, author of the hot off the press new book, Smart Customers, Stupid Companies to learn why companies that can’t pass basic tests of memory, flexibility, responsiveness, and innovation will die.

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