I received the email above from LinkedIn and it reminded me of great friends from Emory’s Exec. MBA program several (OK – thanks to the LinkedIn reminder – 11 years ago). Beyond their names that I have in my address book, their faces reinforce that social is highly personal and social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) are simply an enabler of that personal interaction. I’m amazed every single day with people who confuse the two. They abdicate their interpersonal interactions (the essence of any relationship) to status updates, connections, followers, fans, and “likes.” Email and social is one-dimensional; phone conversations are two dimensional because I can gauge your tonality; in-person is three dimensional and nothing will ever replace that interpersonal interactions.

Bottom line – pick up the phone and call a business relationship you haven’t in some time just to say hello and ask how they’re doing! If you find a way to become an asset, amazing how often they’ll reciprocate!

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