Did 2007 turn out the way you anticipated or hoped? Were you bullish on market opportunities or did you fear pending recession? How did your strategic planning go? Did you revisit your mission, vision and strategy on a consistent basis or did you let it collect dust and plan to take it out next month, change the date, and submit it as your new and revised game plan? Did you foster a culture of inaction or push people to not just formulate great ideas, but consistently execute them as well?

Along the way, where or how did relationships contribute to your success? Did you measure your return on involvement or did you continue to confuse vibration with forward motion?

This time of year often presents a great opportunity for an introspective look at your personal and professional growth. We can imagine no better time to also reflect on your most valuable (and hopefully most strategic and thus intentional and quantifiable) relationships. How will you use this opportunity to make 2008 the year of exceptional return on your influence?

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