I received the note below from LinkedIn and it reminded me of a handful of key strategic relationship best practices:

  • We’re a visual society – we may not remember people’s names, but faces are familiar to us.
  • In a turbulent economy where people are going to constantly change jobs, titles, roles, responsibilities and geographic locations, you must keep updated information on your contacts.
  • Social media is an enabler of strategic relationships, NOT a replacement of it. Use these updates to proactively touch base with your portfolio of relationships.
  • Critical that your off-line and on-line presence is in-line. Consistently update your network with your progress, key accomplishment, questions, sharing of best practices, and unique insights.
  • A fundamental value in our portfolio of relationships is our ability to connect others to one another – do this consistently without expecting anything in return

So, here are a handful of questions to ask of your portfolio of strategic relationships:

  1. Do you have a professional picture consistently attached to your online presence across multiple social networking platforms?
  2. How are you keeping your contacts fresh and updated?
  3. How often do you touch your portfolio of relationships with value-add? How do you know they perceive it as value-add?
  4. Do you have a robust LinkedIn presence? With 100 million+ users, what are you doing to be more than simply online?
  5. How often are you introducing people from your network to one another with a high level of personalization?

LinkedIn Image

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