From a recent postcard by National Speakers Association friend Scott Friedman, CSP – Motivational Humorist:

  1. In health food shop window: “Closed Due To Illness.”
  2. In a London department store: “Bargain Basement Upstairs.”
  3. Spotted in a safari park: “Elephants Please Stay In Your Car.”
  4. Sign in a London building: “Toilet Out of Order. Please Use Floor Below.”
  5. In a Laundromat: “Please Remove All Your Clothes When The Light Goes Out.”
  6. Notice in a farmer’s field: “The Farmer Allows Walkers To Cross The Field For Free, But The Bull Charges.”
  7. Outside a second-hand shop: “We Exchange Anything. Why Not Bring Your Wife Along and Get a Wonderful Bargain?”
  8. Seen during a parenting conference: “For Anyone Who Has Children and Doesn’t Know It, There Is a Day Care On The 1st Floor.”
  9. On a repair shop door: “We Can Repair Anything. (Please Knock Hard – The Door Bell Doesn’t Work)”
  10. In an office: “Would The Person Who Took The Step Ladder Yesterday Please Bring It Back Or Further Steps Will Be Taken.”
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