Whether you’re searching internal or external to your organization for the next exciting project to work on, or perhaps exploring the next job as a project management professional, pushing resumes is dead! There is so much noise in the project management space that you and your brand are simply getting lost in the noise! What you do and how you do it matters LESS, and the RESULTS you’re able to produce matters “MORE than ever”. Executive sponsors of projects care less about your educational background or professional pedigree and more about your ability to engage, influence, and get key tasks completed, often earlier than estimated and below budget!

David Nour, senior management advisor, international speaker, best-selling author of Relationship Economics and Return on Impact, and PDUs2Go’s leading content provider, has developed the #NewNorm framework for project management professionals to help you think and lead differently — your education, your branding, packaging and marketing your story, adding value to each interaction. In short, elevating you above the market noise.

His approach will help you:

  • Become an Object of Interest, within and external to your organization;
  • Develop a broad base of market relationships;
  • Understand how to impactfully engage and influence Economic Buyers;
  • Gain conceptual agreement on Objectives, Measures, and Value (OMV); and
  • Provide Value-Based Options in every interaction.

About the Event:

You’re invited to an inspiring, highly interactive event focused on how to elevate your name, brand, and results you’ve been instrumental in creating, above the market noise. In his typical engaging manner, David will share insights on how you can develop a trusting relationship to gain access to key institutional knowledge that can help you discern the more compelling projects, and executives to work for, with, or around. Join us for a glimpse inside the #NewNorm for Project Management Professionals.

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