Chrome ArrowOptimism can begin at the top-it certainly has the greatest capacity to influence from that position. The optimist sees what is and then adds to what can be done to achieve the most, within the values of those in the organization, so that all feel involved in a creative enterprise.

Those who feel in charge of their lives, careers, and relationships have a high degree of building relationships-just think of individuals like Donald Trump and Lee Iacocca. Those individuals who have confidence based on experience also have a sense of what they can accomplish and are able to attack challenges with gusto. Who would you want on your sales force, those with a high degree or low degree of relationship building? Salespeople with great performance records can determine how high to aim, figure out what they have to do to reach their goals, and then muster the energy to achieve them. Those with a substandard history of accomplishment will be paralyzed by any challenge that they fear they might not accomplish, or at least be slow out of the starting gate. So how do you achieve a higher level of that special personality?

Expect to succeed. When you expect to succeed, all things being equal, you’re more likely to do so.

Expect-and enjoy-success. Live in the present rather than regretting past decisions or putting off enjoyment for the future.

Even when things seem impossible, take what action you can. Don’t succumb to paralysis by analysis. Even if the circumstances seem dire, you can follow through to a successful conclusion.

You may notice that all this involves being in the moment. Be in charge of your environment so that each moment is geared to be a successful outcome. You’re not merely putting in the effort to enhance your future; you’re actually succeeding in the moment to enhance your future. It’s not what you should be doing; it’s what you are doing.

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