A Belated Happy New Year! Hope your holiday break was a chance to disengage from work, relax, and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. My family and I had a chance to travel in Europe and the airline safety videos reminded me that you really do have to put the oxygen mask on yourself, before helping others! If you’re determined to build stronger, more productive, more rewarding business relationships in 2013, you have to grow – personally and professionally. Only when you begin with a healthy self, can you engage others impactfully and help them see value in how they’re better off because of a relationship with you. As such, you have to make more time for introspection – DAILY! I’ll post 365 questions this year, one a day, via my Twitter Account (@davidnour) using hashtag #2013Qs if you care to follow or give feedback with your perspective. Via RENetworks, our private, intelligent social network, I’ll share some responses / unique insights every Tues AM if you care to engage us there, and write about the best ones once a month in our newsletter if you care to subscribe there.

Here are the first 6:

  • Jan. 1 – What’s your mission in 2013? If tomorrow was 12/31 what specific outcome did you achieve this past year?
  • Jan. 2 – Do you believe people can change? Under what circumstances and how does that change become lasting?
  • Jan. 3 – What are you reading right now? Why and who influenced you to pick those up?
  • Jan. 4 – The best part of your today? What did you really enjoy doing today & why?
  • Jan 5 – What was the last really interesting & memorable conversation you had with someone new? What sparked it & how did you leave it?
  • Jan 6 – Today was tough because…?

My aim is to help you think differently about your New YOU Resolutions – more than what you want to accomplish in 2013; rather who you’d like to become and the relationships you’d like to build in this new year.

With my best, David


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