brandcalledyouIn true Tom Peters style, the concept of Brand You was ahead of its time. Tom introduced it in a Fast Company article in August 1997: “The Brand Called You.” It’s been causing quite a stir ever since—with critics decrying self-promotion—and only with the advent of social media did it start to gain wide acceptance.

Brand You has been adopted by many other thought leaders and “self-branding experts.” Tom’s description of it differs somewhat from that of the others. He defines it as the name you make for yourself by doing excellent work, wherever you are employed. The mark of quality in your past work is the only real asset you take from one job to the next. It’s what you’re known for. It’s your reputation.

Tom’s original idea hinged on the current job reality that no one works for one employer for 30 years, then retires. All of us must manage our reputation, our brand, via social media. It’s not optional. Do good work, earn a reputation for excellence, and establish a public persona reflecting that. That is Brand You. What have you done to build your brand lately?

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