I have to admit, I’m envious of Tony Stark’s lifestyle in Iron Man2. I know he’s a fictitious Marvel character but who wouldn’t want to race a Formula 1 car in Monaco?

That envy has quickly dissipated as I’m preparing to host a three day conference – the IBM #SmarterCommerce Global Summit in Monaco, coming up on June 17-20!! Now, I may not be a “genius, billionaire, philanthropist, and playboy” like Tony Stark, but I am passionate about strategic business relationships, leadership strategies in the age of disruptive technologies such as social and mobile, and adaptive innovation to meet the changing market demands. These are key topics I plan to present to an audience of 2,000+ international business and technology leaders gathered to hear this year’s theme: Your Customer in Context.

You see, the edge that I have over Tony Stark in Monaco, is the understanding that today’s customers are smarter. They decide when, where and how the buying process begins and ends, and who will be part of it. They are mobile and social – connecting with you and each other – and have high expectations.

Companies prepared to serve these smart, connected, demanding consumers create loyal customers and make them into advocates, and even what I’ve begun to term “evangelists.” They maximize every moment in the customer journey by creating and delivering intuitive customer interactions with a smarter approach to commerce. From adaptive procurement to supply management, to personalized marketing and seamless cross-channel sales, to relevant and responsive customer service, astute leaders are focused on delivering a delightful customer experience every time, in every context.

I hope you can make plans to joins us. Sorry, no Formula 1 racecars, but here are some highlights on the agenda:

  • Learn how to engage with your customer in context, predicting their needs, preferences and intentions to deliver seamless, intuitive customer interactions.
  • Find out how leading clients are making the most of their Buy, Market, Sell and Service processes to create a customer journey that leads to great results.
  • Learn how to look beyond segments and demographics to provide the right offers, services and information at exactly the right moment.
  • Hear leaders share how they leverage insights to predict customer desires, and collaborate across the enterprise and with their partners and suppliers to deliver new customers, happier customers, higher sales and greater profit.
  • Pick up news about the latest innovations in big data, mobile, social and cloud that can help you grow revenue and profits.

With what you learn at this conference, you can turn customers into advocates, by delivering delightful customer experiences every time.

The Smarter Commerce Awards will be presented to five leading companies that have engaged their customers in new ways to achieve extraordinary results.

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