Why This Book?

140 characters – that’s all the space you get to answer a simple question: “What Are You Doing?” Twitter is a microblogging platform that has taken off like wildfire in our personal lives and in the business arena. Over the last 4 years, this simple idea has gained more than 75 million users ranging from celebrities to corporate brands.

Twitter has been described as the “world’s largest cocktail party.” Yet companies are solving fundamental business challenges and are uncovering unique opportunities and yet individuals are creating more opportunities and building their professional brand with Twitter. How will you evolve your business with this platform – 140 characters at a time? How will you grow personally and professionally getting active on Twitter?

Countless others have extended the original Twitter web page into thousands of applications – from productivity, to promotions, analytics to multimedia. You’ll be amazed that this shiny toy of 2009 has evolved to a strategic online business tool in 2010.

The best thing you can do on Twitter, as in any social network, is to engage and influence people; use Twitter to discover what people find of value by asking questions and offering your unique insights. It is the kiss of death to use Twitter as your personal billboard.

Twitter allows you to build critical online relationships. If your offline presence is inline with your online presence, if they are congruent, you can leverage Twitter to accomplish the following:

  • Engage with your market.
  • Reinforce your existing customer base.
  • Find new prospects.
  • Expand your network of portfolio relationships.
  • Seek to bring mass value to a much broader audience.

What Others Are Saying About The Social Media Best Practices Webinars / Seminars (the Booklet/DVD take this material even further)

“I learned more from David about social networking in a three-hour workshop than I have in the past year trying to do it on my own. This guy gets you motivated just by exposing all of the possibilities that exist!”

Paul Fiarkoski
Online Community Manager – TIAA-CREF

“I participated in a couple of David’s seminars recently and found his direct, no-nonsense approach to presenting his vast knowledge both fast paced and spot on. I would recommend him to anyone looking to grow their business with social media.”

Bob Phibbs,
CEO – The Retail Doctor

Twitter® for Business Booklet Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – What is Twitter and why is it important for business?
Chapter 2 – Our Top 10 best practices for personal and professional branding
Chapter 3 – Tweeting with value-add
Chapter 4 – Follow and build a following intently
Chapter 5 – Twitter for personal and professional productivity
Chapter 6 – Twitter experience enhancers
Chapter 7 – Multiple Twitter accounts management
Chapter 8 – Twitter etiquette
Chapter 9 – Twitter Mobile
Chapter 10 – Twitter next?
Appendix I – 101 Twitter Tools to Help Elevate Your Twitter Experience
Appendix II – How to Track your efforts on twitter
Appendix III – How Do I Build My Follower Network?
Appendix IV – 2010 Top Social Media Trends

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