Are you really LinkedIn?  If so, you may already be a member of several groups where you can actively initiate or participate in discussions.  Why not then also create a group of like-minded individuals around a topic you’re passionate about and use it as a targeted communication channel to engage your audience?
How else are you using social media to engage your community?

From: Relationship Economics <>
Date: March 23, 2010 7:47:59 AM EDT
To: David Nour
Subject: Announcement from Relationship Economics

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  • Group: Relationship Economics
  • Subject: Announcement from Relationship Economics

Good Morning Everyone,

We hope things are continuing to go well for you this year as the first quarter is already coming to a close! I am sure your efforts are yielding results if you have spent this quarter on building healthy relationships.

Your being a part of the Relationship Economics LinkedIn Group shows you understand that your success depends upon the diversity and quality of your relationships. That’s great, because the purpose of this group is about learning how to invest in people for an extraordinary return.

Below is some recent information and resources you will find helpful in building your relationships as well as your business.

Complimentary 2010 Profitable Growth Webinar Series
Our theme for 2010 is “Blending Discipline with an Entrepreneurial Culture Focused and Passionate about Execution”. To help support this theme, we have scheduled the following Complimentary webinars that will help you combine your Vision with Execution.

• April 16 – Hiring and Developing the Right People
• May 14 – Penetrating Existing Accounts
• June 11 – Winning Opportunity Management
• July 16 – Strategic Account Planning
• August 13 – Strategic Relationship Planning
• September 17 – Utilizing Available Channels

All webinars are at 1:00 PM ET on Fridays and are free of charge. Visit this page for more details and to register:

Excite or Disturb People to Create Business Opportunities
You read that right…you need to excite or disturb people to create business opportunities! You may feel as if this flies in the face of conventional wisdom. However, those who understand new and emerging markets, shifts in buying habits and business trends will all tell you that you must excite or disturb your existing clients to create movement.

This video blog in the Connecting the Dots series will walk you through 3 steps you can do to accomplish this goal before your competition does!

Upcoming Events
We have a lot going on in the upcoming months as well as a lot of good ways to keep up with our Events. Below are the options you have available to keep up with what’s going on with Relationship Economics and where I’ll be speaking:

• Events on LinkedIn –
• Events on Facebook –
• Events on Relationship Economics site –

All three locations will carry the same events that will be coming up over the next weeks and months. All you have to do is pick the option that works best for you.

We Would Love to Hear From You
Please take advantage of this group and our other resources below and post your comments, questions, observations and opinions. Sharing your thoughts will allow us all to engage in meaningful conversations that will help build and nurture relationships that yield long-lasting and equitable business results.

• Relationship Economics Website –
• RENow is our unique digital Content Delivery Engine –
• RENetworks is our private, Intelligent Enterprise Social Network –
• Relationship Economics Facebook Fan Page –

That should do it for now. Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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