Sample LinkedIn Image 1This article originally appeared in LinkedIn Pulse.

In 2016, can we PLEASE not treat LinkedIn as if it were Facebook?

Every move you make on LinkedIn is an opportunity to enhance your relationship credibility or dilute it. With the proliferation of social networking sites over the last few years, I have learned a few proven best practices. Chief among them is, recognize that each site has its own value proposition. Align your social activity with the relationship-centric purpose for which each site is intended.

Facebook may be a backyard barbecue and Twitter a cocktail party, but LinkedIn is still the office. I’m seeing some downright silly uses of LinkedIn that are diluting its value as the definitive social network for business. Let’s start being more intentional about LinkedIn:

  1. Curate your connections. My next-door neighbor owns a landscaping business. He’s a great guy, but his company is not really relevant to my immediate focus. Why would I connect with him on LinkedIn? I’m happy to connect with each other on Facebook or follow each other on Twitter or Instagram. But on LinkedIn, we must be intentional about our relevant portfolio of business relationships.

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