Networking is one of those necessary evils for most of us.  We want more or better clients.  We need to find or expand our portfolio of suppliers.  We could always use a better job, more pay, or even for some of us, upgrade in the friends department!  But at what cost?  We keep attending functions, meeting & greeting others for coffee, lunch and after work drinks.  But are you seeing any results from all this busy work?

That’s why in this session for GaMPI, David Nour, author of Relationship Economics is sharing his practical, pragmatic advice on the Top 10 Reasons Most Networking Doesn’t Work and Why!  “When it comes to ‘networking’, I’m often amazed at how many people confuse vibration with forward motion,” says David and in this highly interactive session, he brings his independent perspectives and unique insights on what we all do and then wonder why we’re not seeing the results from all of our activities.

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