Monthly Social Networking Technology Best Practices Webinar:

If you’ve been a LinkedIn user for some time, by now, you’ve figured out how to build:

  1. A content-rich profile
  2. Connect with your most trusted relationships 3. Search for people, companies, and opportunities to reach out to others.

So how do you turn those contacts into answers and revenue? This month we’ll spend 90 minutes on advanced strategies including:

  • The real value of premium membership
  • Advanced search techniques to target your efforts
  • Most compelling approaches to create access
  • Highly decentralized knowledge management
  • Turning answers into alliance relationships
  • Due diligence best practices

Join us on Wednesday, December 5th for this month’s Webinar on LinkedIn – one of several B2B Social Networking Technology Tools, where we’ll demonstrate practical applications of technology enablers for strategic relationship success.

Whether you’re trying to create access to a Fortune 500 account, identify expertise in key international markets, or find that next great sales executive, B2B Social Networking tools are changing the very essence of business interactions.

Join us for this special event – limited seating, so sign up today.

Naomi Takeuchi interviews David Nour on Social Networking Technologies such as LinkedIn. View video now.

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