SalesTalkGreat relationships are built on great conversations. To be effective in building a strategic relationship you need to stop thinking of your interactions as a single event and instead think of them as a broader, multi-context conversations. It’s critical to get to know each conversation as individuals by asking better questions. Having a tool, which allows you to capture a narrative of your conversations (digital and conversational) in one timeline can be the catalyst you need to develop that strategic relationship.

My friends at SalesTalk, have put together a fantastic tool that is 100% designed to create a great relationship. With features like the Story So Far, Talking Points, Call Prep and an innovative Sales Navigator – SalesTalk can help you:

  1. Track all digital and conversational behavior easily all in one place,
  2. Create value-based interactions and
  3. Become more disciplined and intentional with your relationship building questions.

You shouldn’t confuse SalesTalk with any other CRM, marketing automation or sales enablement tool. SalesTalk rolls the best features for creating a relationship from all of these products into one – and can easily be added as an integrated extension of your current CRM.

Give their sales acceleration tool a spin, and see how this new technology can increase your team’s productivity, effectiveness and profitability. 1-844-937-8255 or for more info.

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