A couple of years ago, I attended an IS (Industrial Solutions) offiste Leadersip workshop that you facilitated for Siemens.  At the time, you challenged the group with the question "What are you working on that’s big?"  That question has "haunted" me for almost two years because I didn’t feel that I could ever adequately answer that.  Nothing really met the scale that you were talking about.  Finally, however, I believe that I can, and it feels so good to know I am working on something that can make such a difference.  I am bringing together my personal life – humanitarian work in a rural region of Haiti – and my business life – working for Siemens.  I am in the initial stages of getting Siemens to fund and participate in a joint project with "Engineers without Borders" to bring distributed power and water to a rural area of Haiti – Fond des Blanc.  Ultimately, this will impact as many as 70,000 people living in this region and allow for improved healthcare and quality of life.

I don’t know if people follow up with you years later to tell you how one simple challenge made an impact, but I wanted to do so.

Thanks for issuing the challenge!

Sr. Director, Human Resources
Siemens Industry, Inc.

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