Mark your calendar for this Fri, June 6, 3 PM ET#AskDavidNour Twitter Chat on Business Relationships with Givers, Takers, and Investors! Which one are you? How do you know?

June 2006 RelLeave it to me to uncover a little known fact about iCalendar and iCloud sync capability – there is a 25,000 event limitation!! When my iPhone stopped sync’ing with my desktop calendar due to “you’ve exceeded your limitations,” I became perplexed and after a visit to the Apple Genius Lab yesterday, we uncovered the problem. You see, I’ve been keeping up with events going back to 2006 and between the calls, reminders, meetings, travel details, family events, etc., apparently, I’ve hit the magical “event” quota that no one seems to know about.

The interesting aspect of it all and a big reason I’ve been carrying around a blue notebook (many of you have seen or asked about it) since 1991, is that history is an amazing teacher! If we don’t learn from our pasts, we can’t possibly avoid making the same mistakes in the future, growing through our experiences (often bad decisions), and learning from our best and sometimes worse relationships!

So, what were you doing back in June 2006? In my experiences, projects, initiatives, budget discussions, travel plans, etc. come and go. So, here is probably a few better questions: what relationships were you investing in back then? What happened to them? Where are they now? You met some great people during your time in Toronto, NYC, or San Fran – how can you get back in touch and reconnect, re-engage and rekindle the relationship? Are they worth the investment?

I’m amazed at the incredible lessons that often come out of an inconvenience. Whether it be spring cleaning, tax prep, or a tech glitch, they all have insights we can learn and grow from. My favorite ones, that will not come to you as a surprise, are gems about the manner in which we identify, build, nurture, and leverage our most valuable asset – our portfolio of business relationships!

Make it a great week and #NeverStopGrowing!

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